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Highlights From Our 2016 Annual Report

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2016 Glimmer Villages

This year, we worked in seven communities made up of 49 villages. Click on the map for an update from our 2016 work in each village.

  1. Villages of Medebay Zana
  2. Villages of Maichew
  3. Villages of Adikeyh
  4. Senale Village
  5. Villages of Gondar
  6. Villages of Shoa
  7. Tercha Village
Villages of Medebay Zana

In 2016, we began to see signs of growth and progress during our first year of work here, in partnership with the IKEA Foundation.

Villages of Maichew

New schools completed during 2016 brought opportunities to the 25,000 children living in this community, made up of 10 villages.

Villages of AdiKeyh

While affected by the devastating drought this year, AdiKeyh stabilized with the support of Glimmer's emergency food program.

Senale Village

In 2016, our work continued to grow with the completion of our most complicated water project in Gonok, a remote area of Senale.

Villages of Gondar

This year, we launched our second year of projects in the Villages of Gondar, home to Little Birchiko and 12,480 other girls who will benefit from a network of lifesaving projects.

Villages of Shoa

Not only do villagers in Shoa attend all planning meetings, but they contributed 10% of project costs in 2016. To raise the funds, households sold livestock and crops, and traded goods.

Tercha Village

This year new schools and water projects reached thousands of children and families in Tercha Village.

We Believe
Women And Girls
Are The Key To
Eradicating Poverty

How Glimmer's Work

The Life Of A Girl

In 2016, Glimmer built a network of lifesaving projects in Little Birchiko's village.

Little Birchiko is one of thousands of girls living in the Villages of Gondar—a community with few opportunities for girls and women to stay healthy and succeed. With basic life needs far out of reach, Birchiko faced daily challenges like waterborne disease from dirty water and hunger. In 2016, life changed dramatically with new Glimmer projects all within minutes of her home.

Clean Water
5 Minute Walk
15 Minute Walk
Health Care
15 Minute Walk
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Our Incredible Supporters
Make Our Work Possible

Field Visit With The Ikea Foundation

Our collaborative partnership brought Per Heggenes, CEO of the IKEA Foundation, to the field in early 2016 to meet the people and see our joint projects.

See Our Work In Action

Welland Family Improves Education For 10,000 Children

Among the many Glimmer projects the Welland family supported in 2016, a highlight is the completion of 29 school buildings across rural Ethiopia. Glimmer schools provide a welcoming space where students can learn about the world and study for important exams.

Johanna's 25th Well

A tireless advocate for the people of Ethiopia, Johanna Thornblad launched a fundraising campaign for her 25th well with Glimmer in 2016. Over the years, Johanna has inspired and mobilized her community to support clean water and critical health projects for women and children.

Glimmer Community Steps Up

In 2016, Glimmer donors rallied to raise funds for families of drought-impacted AdiKeyh and Senale. With this lifesaving support, children stayed in school and communities stabilized.

Read the Stories of Resilience

A Global
Overcomes A
Great Challenge

Nowhere else in our work have we seen people come together to solve a water crisis like we did for Gonok Village. When others said it couldn’t be done, a global community stepped up. In 2016, Glimmer completed the largest solar-powered well in the region.

Experience the Story of Gonok

When we come
together, we can
do great things

Thanks to you, 2016 was a year of growth and progress for Glimmer's work in rural Ethiopia. Together, hand in hand, anything is possible.

Donna Berber
Donna Berber
Glimmer CEO and Founder

These were our highlights from 2016.
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