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Southern Region
located in the southwest corner of Ethiopia
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Village Life
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Since breaking ground in 2010, we have made incredible progress in Tercha Village. Using our comprehensive, community-based approach that addresses needs for water, education and healthcare, we have seen positive impact almost immediately. In 2014, our work continues as we put the finishing touches on a new Pediatric Ward at the Tercha Hospital.
Active Water Projects
1 Water Project
Active Education Projects
1 Education Project
Active Health Projects
5 Health Projects
Completed Water Projects
22 Water Projects
Completed Education Projects
15 Education Projects
Completed Health Projects
8 Health Projects
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<b class="fs14">12 water projects</b><br>
9 spring protection developments, 3 water distribution points, water pipeline extension
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<b class="fs14">4 school buildings</b><br>
16 furnished classrooms, latrines
Health Info
<b class="fs14">1 maternity ward</b><br>
medical equipment, furniture, latrines<br>
<b class="fs14">1 health center</b><br>
medical equipment, furniture, latrines
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This year, Glimmer will continue our work in Tercha, building a much-needed pediatric ward at the Tercha Hospital. We are immensely grateful to the Greene Family for championing fundraising efforts for Tercha! See our goals for the year and check out the fundraising campaigns in support of this work.
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Deep in the lush lowlands of Southern Ethiopia lies the isolated village of Tercha. Though deeply impoverished, the community is abuzz with activity. Children gather for impromptu soccer matches, donkeys haul water and materials from place to place, and villagers celebrate special occasions with singing and dancing. 
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